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Dr Anurag R•

National Awardee, Educationist Principal's - MGS

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    Name: Dr Anurag R•

    National Awardee, Educationist Principals : Mahavidya Global School

    Dr Anurag R is an educationist with several years of experience in curriculum development, assessment, and class-specific content creation in print and digital media. Over the years, he has held several successful teacher training programs for schools across India, trained and led editorial teams to create best-selling school books, and effectively managed people and resources. A firm believer and proponent of active learning, Dr Anurag has visited several schools in Banglore and Delhi and Dehradoon to study their education system and seek ways to enhance the experience of teachers and learners in the CBSE school environment.

As an educationist, he has a keen interest in promoting value education. He has published many academic books and research papers in esteemed journals and has been a speaker at various international conferences. He has given his contribution to various committees related to NEP 2020 with NCERT and served as an education administrator in various capacities.

Dr Anurag maintains a strong network with universities, colleges, schools, and libraries to enthusiastically promote reading culture through books and digital content, as is the habit of acquiring knowledge by the young generation these days. In the Amrit Kaal, he foresees books and the habit of reading, assuming a more substantial role in nation-building.

The Mahavidya Initiative is deeply rooted in the fertile grounds of knowledge. Our philosophy grows from knowledge and spreads out like branches in every direction, thus providing shelter to all seeking knowledge.

It builds well-rounded and capable citizens who soar high to follow their dreams and aspirations. It is this philosophy to enlighten every individual that makes the difference and this is what makes Mahavidya “A different school of thought”.

Our Hope lies in the endowment of our youth. We need to build a world of creative thinkers and active learners. We owe it to our children to give them the best of opportunities and an education that will help them to build a brilliant future.